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PageOmni Technology is an Information,Communication & Technology company that bases its operations on Software development, PageOmni Technology Institute, Web/Mobile Applications, Mobile Money Academy, Film Animation, Film Editing, Graphics and logo design, Computer maintenance and networking, ICT consultancy, PageOmni Media, and so much more. The company main drive is to restructure the surface of the World through ICT with it multidimensional social network that can connect over 500 million clients in more than 100 countries of the world proffering solution to global competitiveness. PageOmni Technology antecedent in approach towards solving world problem through ICT lead it to constructive research/findings in unavailing service that is economically beneficial and productive especially to individuals, company, religion e.t.c .PageOmni.com is a subsidiary of the company fast spreading and record breaking Product, in little or no time has captured some part of the world, providing solution to business and economics problem we sometimes face on daily basis. Through its medium different parastatals, business, company, individual, and any area of specialization can network with themselves.

Taking advantage of www.pageomni.com free promotional advertising social network, it will help improve business and gives it an edge to keep in touch with client/customers including an avenue to create open conversation that could lead to fruitful business relationship. It also comes with several other benefits e.g. increase in brand recognition, Mass outreach, serve as alternative business card thereby making it a strong marketing platform. Complains/ Report of bad tenant it one of the created section or area of interest, you can capitalize in getting the right information needed in reaching a concrete conclusion before entrusting propriety. Stolen or missing is a notable theft in most part of the world, which PageOmni social networking platform is now solving for millions of people around the world where you can report a stolen or missing property by giving the necessary information. Crime/ violation is an everyday incident in most part of the world, The company amiable easy accessible medium victim/ eye witness can report the type of crime, where it happened, the offender, description of the criminal activity, name of police station it was reported and pictures if available.We need not to be in state of ignorance about foreign exchange value, on PageOmni you can be informed by using the currency calculator in checking foreign exchange rates. Pageomni.com is an opportunity for writers, journalist e.t.c to take advantage of to View and post articles.

Employer can post jobs and be confident in getting across to it preferred targeted job seekers, and job seeker are self assured of the job posted on PageOmni in other to apply. Occasion and events are activities known occurring in all countries and continent of the world, on PageOmni you can watch slideshows of different event taking place.On pageomni.com, the database of a wanted or missing person can be viewed, and also reported, using the page file feature as a safe place for your files. Page file is an online storage on PageOmni where you can store videos, pictures, documents and many more files relevant or not. With concrete records not been kept in mostly under developing countries of the world.

Pagepedia as part of the company service help to proffer solutions by offering a platform where people can have a database.The site, www.pagepedia.com is a global data system of communication recorded as the fastest growing biography/ videography, advertising and marketing communications services application, It was created to capture the interest of the world’s population by providing a platform to immortalize people’s achievement, business description and biography more so where the profiles of mentors and high flyers can be uploaded – after avid verification of course, and used as a means of educating and providing information for reference purposes for our generation and the generation yet to come to search, read and learn from. It also comes with a videography challenge. Pagepedia’s branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide verification of individuals biography, immortalization of individuals/businesses history and achievement; showcasing it to the world for people, regardless of their age and social standing, to be informed .Pagepedia’s medium of promoting Individuals / Companies is second to none.

The biography and videography of clients is assured of getting across to the world with 100 percent fulfilment of Return on Investment and records can’t be tampered for years to come, only in the instance of update. As a strategic holding company, PagePedia empowers you to take control of promotional direct marketing and offer services in over 50 world marketing communications and professional disciplines across more than 200 strategic brand platforms. PageOmni Technology Institute is also part of it subsidiary that offers ICT training with international standard facilities to enable a resourceful learning process.